Performance and Progress

Sustainability journey through FY 2019
Goals and targets Performance Status
Health & safety
Achieve zero fatal incidents 7 (2 employees + 5 contractor employees)
Reduce Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) to 0.24 or less 0.63
Reduce Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR) to be 0.70 or less 1.30
Improve occupational health and hygiene, and effective high-potential risk management No occupational illness cases recorded
Ensure strong leadership depth and right management is in place Right management in place for business Executive Committee (ExCo) and all Strategic Business Units (SBUs)
Developing critical underground mining skills in select local youths 107 candidates from local community have been enrolled in HZL's Mining Academy in FY 2019
Roll out of academy-driven learning programmes for employees Launched Edumine programme for employees
SAP HCM Payroll implementation to have end-to-end
integrated solution
Payroll to remain outsourced
Implementation of Success Factors Workforce Analytics Workforce analytics is implemented
To be further strengthened
To bring non-executive population on digital mode by setting up of Kiosks for HR-related transactions Kiosks implementation testing phase is in progress
Saving of 0.35 Million cum meter Achieved 1.1 MCM water saving
Saving of 0.052 Million GJ Attained 0.032 MGJ energy saving
Achieve GHG emission reduction by 5% in next five years from
base year 2016
Efforts are in line with achieving the targets
Renewable energy optimisation for captive use from 16 MW to 50 MW With 22 MW of solar power capacity added this year, at present 38.9 MW of solar plant is installed at Rampura Agucha Mine, Rajpura Dariba Complex and Zinc Smelter Debari
Commissioning of fumer plant and reduction in smelter waste disposal by 10% from 2016 as base year 22% reduction in waste to landfill; 3,14,776 MT of waste from smelters utilised in road construction and 77,608 MT used in cement industry; commissioning of fumer plant is under final stage
Reach 20,000 women/families directly, increasing their access to savings, credit and entrepreneurial initiatives, through the Sakhi programme Reached over 23,000 women/families directly through Sakhi programme
Target to complete 150 Nand Ghars Completed 264 Nand Ghars (200 Brownfield and 64 Greenfield) in five districts
Provide skills/training/internships/job placement services to 400 youth Offered skills/ training/job placement services to more than 550 youths
Run a Residential Football Academy with 30 students, and run another 60 community football coaching centres reaching nearly 2,000 children Residential Football Academy successfully running with 32 students.
Another 64 community football coaching centers reached ~2000 children in neighbourhood areas
Over 2,000 employees to be connected and engaged with our community wellbeing programmes 2300+ employees engaged in various CSR initiatives
Supplier and contract management
Introduction of smart touch-less PO Auto PO implemented through catalogues procurement for annual rate contract items
Business analytics and auto MIS In progress
Ancillary unit encouraging global majors in explosives Under implementation
Online quality feedback to suppliers and training on zero waste Workflow-based online intimation of acceptance of quality and training on zero waste to service provider
Structured interaction with supplier management to give scorecard feedback Monthly engagement plan is prepared for business partners and compliance of the same is monitored regularly
Best supplier awards on adoption of sustainability practices Best supplier/contractors awarded on adoption of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) practices
Simulators for Sindesar Khurd Mines, Rampura Agucha Mine and Zawar Mines for operators’ skill enhancement Simulator are already in use for Sindesar Khurd Mines, and Rampura Agucha Mine whereas recently received and installed at Zawar Mines
Compliance surveys and safety audits for suppliers In progress

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