Safety – An uncompromisable attribute
Every individual who is contributing to value creation at HZL is a member of the larger HZL family. We consider the safety and wellbeing of each of the family member as HZL’s priority. It surmounts every other business objective. Safety is one of our core strategic priorities.
We, at HZL, are committed to ensure a safe work environment and culture for all our employees and contract employees alike, in all our operations. To drive a cultural change on safety, we have taken several technical, functional, communication and governance measures across the organisation.

Aarohan – Our journey towards ‘zero harm’

For four years between 2013 and 2017, we partnered with DuPont to bring about a cultural transformation for safety and make HZL a 'zero harm' workplace. This journey named Aarohan, has been instrumental in developing an improved safety culture. In 2018, we engaged with DuPont again for continuing our journey of improving our safety management and performance, with a target to enhance focus on Process Safety Management in the next phase.

Promoting innovation for safety

While our actions on safety will be driven by our Safety Framework and the Vedanta Sustainability framework, we have formed a Safety Innovation Cell, which is promoting a culture of innovation to counter safety issues. The Cell is helping in technological interventions for safety, using data and analytics for measurement and management of safety parameters and benchmarking to ensure best-in-class safety practices.

Introduction of Fatality and Serious Incident Prevention Programme (FSIPP) Subcommittee

To reinstate our commitment to being a business without fatalities, serious injuries or occupational illness, we introduced a Fatality and Serious Incident Prevention Programme (FSIPP) Subcommittee. The primary role of this committee is to identify and analyse high-risk activities, drive the fatality prevention programme in an organised manner, and monitor deployment of critical controls.

Training and awareness

Increasing safety awareness and training people are the fundamentals of building a safe culture and bringing in behavioural changes. We try to increase competencies and awareness of employees and contract employees, through regular training programmes, engagement programmes with senior management and townhalls. During the reporting year, ~0.81 Million man-hours of safety training was imparted to our employees.

These are but a few broad areas of activities for reaching our goal of ‘zero harm’.

We want to instill a culture where safety becomes every individual’s responsibility