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Diversity and equal opportunity HIGH
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With globalisation and competition for the world’s depleting resources, Human Resource cell plays a significant role in aligning talent with shifting realities. Our people are at the heart of our operations. Their wellbeing and safety is our priority and we are confident that our people-centric policies enable our long-term growth. We provide equal opportunities of growth to all our employees and have effective learning and development programmes in place for employees, workmen and contract workforce.

Focus areas of our human resource team include: building an engaging work culture, skill development, learning organization and gender diversity.


Total fulltime employees


Total contract workmen

Our ambition

To be recognised as a top employer in all our operating regions

Our approach

  • We believe that diversity is essential to our business and to that effect we prohibit discrimination on any basis.
  • We have zero tolerance for racial, sexual or workplace harassment
  • Our senior management engages with our workforce and unions to understand their requirement and we go beyond compliance in providing the right work environment
  • To become an employer of choice we provide the right learning and development opportunities to all employees across functions and levels

Strategic priorities

  • Develop operational skills in underground mining for enhanced performance and productivity
  • Create and develop leadership pipeline and succession planning for key positions
  • Leverage technology for data-driven HR processes
  • Foster a work environment of high engagement and become an admired employer in the industry
  • Having a diverse workforce which can promote an inclusive environment that values all people

Performance in FY 2019

  • Certified as 'Great Place to Work'
  • Enhancement in women workforce by 6%
  • Number of training manhours – 0.56 Million
  • Number of grievances raised 1,919 and addressed 1,865 as on 31st March 2019
  • Mining mate competency assessment
  • Rolled out diversity and inclusion policy
  • Introduced Edumine as learning platform
  • Launched the HZL NEEM Program with the concept of Earn While U Learn

Employee diversity - spurring innovation

Workforce diversity is more than a mandate. For organisations it is a way to show they embrace differences, while allowing greater access to talent. Employees representing diverse backgrounds, genders and demographics, make the collective knowledge and skills of the organisation richer. The sheer variety in skill sets leads to a high-performance environment for the organisation.

Gender diversity

We as an industry, and the organisation in particular, are a live and compelling example of gender diversity at workplace! With the recent amendment in labour laws, permitting entry of women workers in underground mines, we are trying to find ways to encourage more women workers in our underground mines. HZL has taken conscious steps to increase gender diversity.

Full-time employees



Contract workmen






as on 31st March 2019

12.83% Women form part of total executives, as compared to 12.1% of over last year

Women in mining

"The mining industry has always been male dominated, regardless of its geographical location. However, the Ministry of Labour and Employment took a remarkable step in solving this by passing a notification which allows women in mining industry in the Gazette of India. We conducted a one-day workshop that included a series of discussions and group activities, where our women workforce were made to understand the interpretation of the notification, including the dos and don’ts, related technical and safety issues and various other compliances".

I am very thankful and proud to be a member of the Vedanta family. It gave me an opportunity to work in mines, be it in operations or e-planning. I always had an interest to work in the field but we had to go a long way since there was a restriction for women to work in underground mines. With the help of mining industry and the interest shown by women in mining industry, the law got amended and women are now allowed to work underground. I am delighted with this wonderful amendment by Ministry of Labour and Employment and look forward to capitalising this opportunity given to women .

Yogeshwari Rane

Mining Engineer

Women in workforce

FY 2019
New entrants 20.6 %
Management positions 8.23 %
Junior management positions, i.e. first level of management 16.36%
Top management positions, i.e. maximum two levels away from the CEO or comparable positions 5.62%
Management positions in revenuegenerating functions (e.g. sales) 8.6% in O&M
28.5 % in enabling functions

as on 31st March 2019

Facilitating the right working conditions for women

We have deep rooted values of respect and care, that help in fostering a culture of working together with maximum efficiency, HZL has taken another step towards making working conditions for women easier. With more women entering the workforce, we are providing them with facilities to balance work and family life without them having to choose one over the other. We have also established Child Day Care Centre at Dariba, first of our kind in HZL, in partnership with Your Kids R Our Kids.

A young workforce

In sync with India’s demographic advantage, HZL has a young and vibrant workforce with an average age of 32.7 years. The entrepreneurial culture of HZL encourages its youth to play an important role in our growth.

New employee hires

Age range 20-30 years 31-50 years 51-58 years Above 58
Local Non-local
Local Non-local
Local Non-local
Local Non-local
55 229
2 21
- 1
2 3
13 62
18% People newly hired in HZL are local

From 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019

As an endeavour to help local youth to gain meaningful employment, and enhance employability, we offer training in specialised skills in advanced mining operations.

We provide various platforms to local youth for developing highly specialised skills to operate the latest and the most advanced equipment used in underground mining operations, while making them self-reliant and opening paths for sustainable livelihood. We encourage local employment across the organisation at all levels, including our senior management.

By 'local', we mean the state where our operations are located.

34% of senior management in significant locations of operation are local


Empowering the youth of today

As part of our corporate citizenship endeavour, we undertake several initiatives to uplift the youth of the country, such as the ‘Earn while U Learn – HZL NEEM Programme', the Graduate Engineer Trainee (GET) induction programme, Digital Projects and the Underground Mining Academy.

The ‘NEEM Programme’ selects candidates through a structured evaluation process, with the aim of enhancing their employability by imparting training at our various operations for three years. They also receive a stipend upon fulfilling the given assessment criteria, enabling them to earn while they learn.

GETs join us at HZL from premier engineering institutes and are trained over forty-five days, during which they get familiarised with our operations, safety interactions, CSR and other industry verticals. Digital projects streamlines existing processes and encompasses pilot scale initiatives to comprehensively enhance the pace and scope of learning and development of GETs as well as all new joinees.

Through our Underground Mining Academy, we partner with the Government and a local NGO to offer full-time residential training to unemployed local youth on skills pertaining to mining activities.

Across each of these training programmes, youth receive hands-on training in industrial operations and gain the opportunity to develop skills for underground mining. The ones who display potential and perform well are given preferential posting within projects and recognised in the valedictory ceremonies before the CEO.

Over 150 graduates in two batches have been trained until now under this programme

Preparing for the future

Training and development

Human resource practitioners are the keepers of corporate culture, instillers of team building and changers of management practices. We follow world-class practices for mapping skills and competencies of our workforce. Our skill mapping exercise identifies skill deficits, learning requirements, skills required for progression and fulfilling technical or functional requirements.

We try to create a conducive environment for learning and upgrading functional competencies. Our learning and development programmes are aimed at nurturing leaders for the future. By creating a vibrant workplace, we intend to facilitate innovation at workplace. This not only helps our employees shape their career aspirations but also helps retain a sustained interest in the organisation.

0.56 Million

Training manhours during the year

Different platforms and modes of training include, classroom training, on-the-job training, workshops and conferences, simulation exercises, visits for onsite learning, knowledge sharing meetings, learning implementation projects, institutional training and sabbaticals for experienced executives, among others.

Catering to the training needs of individuals from all key functions and at all levels within the organisation, we planned a series of training programmes.

Mining Mate competency assessment

Mynesight Australia, a leading Mining Training specialists from Australia imparted a comprehensive Mining Mate training programme for HZL.

On-the-job training

In order to seamlessly integrate with the culture of the organisation, young engineers and trainees undergo a robust and extensive 45-day induction programme. The purpose of the Induction Programme is to engage the millennials through paperless onboarding, online weekly assessments, merit-based posting allocations and live projects. To facilitate sharing of knowledge and learnings, an online knowledge portal has been developed. Our people use the portal to post their success stories, the solutions they adopted for solving problems during critical situations and their overall learning and development at work.

` 1.87 Crore

Total expenditure on training


Graduate Engineer Trainees (GETs) inducted in FY 2019

Taking it a notch above: The Hindustan Zinc School of learning

To take HZL’s learning journey to the next level and leverage best-in-class subject matter related content, we have partnered with ‘Edumine’, world’s best online learning platform in the areas of Mining, Exploration & Production, Geology, Geotechnics, Health, Safety, Environment, Maintenance, Mineral Processing and Mine Management.

Driving excellence through training

We drive a culture of learning and improvement through several training programmes round the year. Though we realise that excellence is a journey and learning is a constant process, there are indicators which are reflective of the effectiveness of the functional and technical training that we impart to the employees. Our employees applied the learnings of the training programmes and successfully carried out initiatives which were aligned to the business goals. Termed as 'RACE' initiatives, these initiatives have a direct bearing on costs of production.

Our total training expenditure was to the tune of `1.87 Crore and the total cost savings made through RACE initiatives was around `80 Crore

Leadership Development Programme

The ‘Leadership Development Programme’ (LDP) for Strategic Business Unit (SBU) Heads aims at developing potential business leaders of HZL. The programme offers a series of management and operational modules for the senior management. Spread over six to eight months, it covers aspects such as coaching, leadership, team building and problem-solving.

We have identified over 400 candidates as potential employees. They are being developed on a fast track growth path, through various initiatives such as Internal Growth Workshops and Accelerated Competency Tracking & Up Gradation Programme (ACT UP).

In addition to this, 17 top level executives were identified as future leaders and went through customised coaching programmes in FY 2019.

Life-skills training

Establishing a workplace that encourages balanced growth provides a more stimulating environment. We believe, empowering employees with technical training alone, is insufficient if they have to truly grow and remain competitive. Hence, we lay emphasis on enhancing business acumen and other life-skill through various in-house programmes such as external residential training and onsite visits, among others. We collaborate with renowned training providers and choose partners after detailed evaluation of the training content and delivery method.

16.6% of open position filled by internal talent.

HZL’s team HR organised a series of motivational sessions across all locations for executives and their family members. Among the many motivational sessions, some were conducted by Vijay Michihito Batra - a revered and trusted motivational and inspirational speaker in corporate India. He is known for spreading the message of positive thinking and work ethics through his talks and training seminars.

"The session delivered by Mr. Vijay Batra on simple ways to keep family vibrant and the eight traits of being successful were a great takeaway for everyone. He infuses positivity in life in many ways by using wonderful short story examples. In the interactive and lively sessions, he involves his viewers and inculcates qualities of good leadership and he shares logic to remain motivated in today’s stressful routine. His guru mantra of 'Switch On-Switch Off' is worth applying in life".

Mamta Sharma HR Executive

Case study

Connecting hearts

As part of the employee engagement initiative, we invite renowned motivational speakers to HZL to have a meaningful and stirring interaction with teams. The series, christened as ‘An Insight with...’, was inaugurated by Mr. Ashish Vidyarthi and subsequently, saw Shri Gaur Gopal Das participate as the second guest. In its third and most recent edition, held on 18th June, 2018, we welcomed film legend, Mr. Anupam Kher. A Padma Shree and Padma Bhushan awardee, he has acted in more than 500 films and has received two National Film Awards and 8 Filmfare Awards.

‘An Insight with Anupam Kher’ was held at Hindustan Zinc Auditorium in Udaipur; and was attended by employees and senior management from across the units, along with a live webcast on our Facebook page, where it was viewed by more than 40,000 people. He emphasised on the importance of a ‘two-way system’ of trust and communication in any workplace culture. He enthralled the audience with anecdotes from his personal and professional life, while also answering questions from the audience on topics such as life, love, motivation, achievements, women empowerment and management.

Creating an engaged workforce

We believe in creating an engaging vibrant workplace at HZL. The senior management engages with our employees not just during the annual performance review, but on multiple levels at various occasions.

We have devised various awards and reward systems for employees to drive individual ownership and the zeal to perform better.

Employee engagement score

Our policies are developed for the benefit of full-time employees of the organisation. Some of these marquee policies include:

Talent review policy: This policy directs effective assessment, development and deployment of our talent with an objective of developing leaders internally and strengthening the existing talent pool.

Healthcare/Mediclaim policy: The objective of the policy is to meet the unforeseen expenses relating to hospitalisation of executives and their dependent family members.

Diversity and inclusion policy: This policy ensures workforce diversity based on race, religion, colour, age, gender and nationality, among others. It lays the foundation for respecting stakeholder diversity and fostering an atmosphere of inclusion.

Leave policy: The leave policy at HZL is benchmarked with the best in the industry and is in line with our goal to be the ‘Employer of Choice’.

Parental leave and data

Total Number of Employees who took parental leave during FY 2019

Number of employees who resumed office post completion of parental leave in FY 2019

Number of employees who were in continuous service for the next 12 months after returning from parental leave

Return to work rate









as on 31st March 2019

86% male executives and 75% of female executives received performance appraisal and career review during the year

Protecting worker rights

We believe that the key to long-term uninterrupted operations is to develop harmonious industrial relations. Our policies are supportive of our contract workforce and 100% of our employees enjoy the right of collective bargaining.

Although, with the closure programme of our Rampura Agucha Mines there has been a significant change in our operations, HZL management harmoniously settled worker requirements. A prior notice of eight weeks was given to the workers as part of the collective bargaining agreement.


Employees covered by
collective agreements

*100% of the non-executive
employees are part of collective

Our approach to human rights

We believe in upholding people’s fundamental rights in our everyday operations. We comply with all the local, state and national laws on human rights and worker rights. Our HR polices are aligned with UNGC principles on business and human rights. Other than our employees and contract workers, it covers suppliers, contractors, joint ventures and NGOs as well. During the year, 1,456 man hours were spent for human rights trainings, including security personnel. Our Code of Conduct clauses extend to all our business partners.

For more details on our Human Rights Approach, kindly refer to:

www.hzlindia.com/wp-content/uploads/3.-Human- Rights-approach-at-HZL.pdf
Zero Strikes and lockouts during the year